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Venting Season!!

I’m just going to talk about everything that’s been going wrong just to get it out. 

  • My roommate is driving me crazy with her normal for her tendencies
  • I’m losing friends
  • I’m feeling unwanted
  • I’m being excluded
  • My GPA/scholarship/honors contract is on the line
  • I could be failing bio lab
  • I’m pretty sure my best friend is mad at me:/
  • SOMEONE STOLE MY FREAKING BODY WASH (when I’m pretty sure I brought it back to my room soooooooo WHAT HAPPENED?!?!)
  • I have no food!
  • I agreed to pay this girl $100 for a parking ticket, knowing I’m broker than broke and MY FRIENDS WON’T EVEN HELP!!
  • These FAMU hoes ain’t loyal
  • The boys I like just want me for sex and the boys I don’t like want me -.-
  • I really don’t get good sleep

So, please pray for me.


Life is Complicated

It’s really not though. I just want some new guy friends.. At least one cute one would be great. Something nice to look at, you know?? But school is school. And it’s FREEZING!


College So Far…

My roommate was supposed to wake me up this morning so that we could go to breakfast. I even asked her last night if she had set an alarm, and she said she did. So, I woke up around 10am. And I was pissed. We were supposed to get up at 7. My class (in which I had a test) started at 9:30am. By the time I got ready and hiked downhill, I would have been severely late. Due to my coughing from a cold I still have from last week, my roommate woke up. I then told her that she was a crappy alarm clock, because she is. This is the second time that I depended on her to wake me up and this is the second time that she has let me down. And I just can’t fathom why she doesn’t care… If the tables were turned, I would have done everything in my power to wake her up or to get up on time because I know that she would have been depending on me.

And since I missed the test, and there are no make-ups, I’m trying to find out how I can get out of getting a ‘D’ (or worse, an ‘F’) in this class and keep my scholarships. I’m praying to God like crazy and all prayers would be greatly appreciated. I’m feeling so crappy you just wouldn’t believe…


In College, You Will

  • meet people. Some of those people will rock. And some of those people will suck.

The Cookieman

So, I just order cookies from the Cookieman (website: - es, co not com,) and they were just what the doctor (to be) ordered. That chocolate chip cookie hit the spot! Can’t wait to eat the rest of the cookies tomorrow. Dudes and dudettes who reside in the Tallahassee area (FSU, TCC, FAMU) go on and order cookies from them. You might want to group up when you do though, even though there is no delivery charge. They deliver from 6pm to 3am (perfect timing for college students, no?) and they pretty much arrive on time and warm. (y) thumbs up for them.


So, college is fun


So, I’m in need of a companion or something because this single life is really getting to me… Also, I think I made a new friend… Or at least, he made me his friend. Wanna hear the story??



I tell you the truth. I embarrass myself on a daily basis.


Move-In Day

I suppose that I can now call myself an official college student since I already have debt ($7,000+) on my college account. I guess it’s actually getting real (or not- I’m not sure.) I wanted to share my move-in experience with you all just to share it.

On Thursday, August 22nd, I drove up to Tallahassee with my mother(Mom,) father(Dad,) Aunt Sheryl (Aunt S,) and my cousin(Alexander) from Orlando, Florida. The supposed time frame for my move-in was 12pm - 2:30pm. We arrived to a lovely drizzle around 1pm. Knowing that I would have to check-in, I exited Aunt S’ van with a large umbrella and began my hike towards my dorm (Cropper Hall.) The parking lot where we parked is located down the path, up the stairs, down the stairs, past the second building in the picture and then down  some more stairs. So I hiked up the stairs after stepping in a few puddles and then hiked up some more stairs and then hiked down more stairs and stepped in a few more puddles before making it to my dorm. I proceeded to check-in and checkout my room before hiking back to the car. After grabbing a few of the small things, my family and I made our way back to my room and dropped some of the stuff off. We also found out that there was a parking lot behind my dorm, but there was a very long line. So, to wait it out, Mom decided that getting the refrigerator that I had ordered online (with my own money) from Walmart would be a productive way to kill time. Not wanting to go back out because my hair had gone from sleek and slim to voluminous and airy, I opted to stay in my new room. Little did I know that their 20 minute drive to and from Walmart would turn into a 5 hour refrigerator hunt. And while they’re were out, I was stuck in my room with a luggage full of jackets, one pillow, a handful of bags, and my phone. I was left without food.

Not having anything to do, I called them continuously and charged my phone which had been on the verge of 14%. My phone charger wasn’t long enough for me to set my hone on the bed so after it got sufficient enough charge for my taste, I unplugged my cellphone and went to unplug to the charger. I had an unusually hard time removing the base to my charger from the socket. I ended up pulling so hard that the base frame came off in my hands. And so I was left with a slinky-like base thing going on. Thinking that I could just snap it all back together, I was being far from cautious as I grabbed the green chip to jam back into the base. As soon as my thumb touched a silver circle on the chip, electricity shot through my thumb, nearly killing me! Okay, not really… But I was shocked and it did hurt and I’m not sure my thumb will ever be the same. I managed to pry the charger out of the socket with a pen tip and put the base back together, but I have yet to use that base again and I don’t think I ever will. This is what it looked like:

Upon my family’s return at 6pm, they parked in the back of the building- a place that I had no idea how to get to since you can’t walk around Cropper Hall to get to the back. And then the hunt began for me. I went up and down and outside and around and still no back parking lot. Eventually, Mom came up and I met her and she went to show me how to get to the back. Now, the only way to get to the back, which apparently the stairs don’t lead to, is to go to the ground floor and exit near a door by the elevator. My room is on the 3rd floor, so Mom and I went to the elevator and I pressed the button. After a minute of nothing happening, I pressed it again and then came to the conclusion that the button was not working. As we were discussing the elevator button, my incessant desire to support my claim lead me to pushing the button two more times… resulting in the elevator button plate falling off. Needless to say, both my mother and I panicked. I looked at her. She looked at me. I looked at the plate lying on the floor and the cords sticking out of where the elevator plate used to be. She ran. And no I don’t mean skipped or walked or plied away. She flat out ran. Leaving me alone with the broken plate. Doing what I thought was best, I reconnected the cords to the plate and put it back in it’s place before taking the stairs to the first floor, which is where I found my mother looking frantic. Anyway, maybe 20 minutes later, I was sitting on my bed with a box of chicken as my family (and Randall) finished bringing in the last of my things. I was called to do something near the door, so I set my box down and the next thing I know, one of my two pieces of chicken is chillin’ on the unsheeted mattress. I was crushed and forced to throw the chicken away.

I asked my family to allow me to set up my room alone and basically kicked them out. After they left to the hotel for the night,I got in contact with an old friend and went to grab food with her family. When we got back on campus, we went to my room and I started setting some things up. The sun was way past gone when we started heading to her room in McGuinn Hall which is virtually perpendicular to Cropper Hall. We went up the stairs and saw a set of stairs that led to the back of her dorm. A shortcut! One that would save us from walking all the way around the dorm. When we got to the door, she thought it would be locked. I didn’t since there was no sign saying ‘Do Not Enter.’ Much to my satisfaction, the door was unlocked. Now, what neither I nor my friend could have predicted was that an alarm would go off after I opened the door. And for the second time that day, I was abandoned under unfavorable circumstances as my friend kicked it down the pathway, leaving me alone in the dark hours of the night. It had really been quite the day to say the least. Around 11pm, I began unpacking the rest of my things alone and didn’t finish until 2am. And that was my move-in day.


My Twitter Account

I feel like my Twitter is just overcrowded now. I followed too many people that are going to my college and now I can barely stand to be on there for 2 minutes. And it frustrates me because I want to use my Twitter to just vent a few things to the air but all these freakin’ people are there and I followed them to stay updated on school events.. And even if I did unfollow them, it’s just like they won’t automatically unfollow me so ugh.


The Odd Life of Timothy Green

I just finished watching the Odd Life of Timothy Green and I personally loved it. I loved Timothy Green. There’s something about seeing a person, a kid, who just give no f*cks. This kid- The little dude is honest and true and pure. And just all around beautiful. He is purposefully a blank slate. Doesn’t know anything, what he should do, what he shouldn’t do, what’s socially acceptable, what isn’t… And it all ties in to helping his parents become better parents in the end, but it was also very inspiring. I couldn’t help but think: “Wow! It must be great to not care about what others think or say. It must be great to jump in pool knowing that you can’t swim, just because you’re taking a risk and you don’t know what’s going to happen, but it’s life and you’ve gotta live it. It must be great being different and not caring, despite society’s pressures.” That kid was inspiring. That kid was living right.


This morning my mom said to look up hotels by FAMU. I thought nothing of it until I got around to looking for them and needed a date. Then I realized what she asked me to do. And I thought: Why do they need a hotel? So, when she got home, she asked about the hotels and I told her I couldn’t find anything because she didn’t give me a date and she didn’t pick up the phone when I called (because she thought I was going to ask about food- that’s how empty my house is.) So, I had no hotels/prices for her.

I then asked her why she needed a hotel since we have family that stays 2 and 1 1/2 hours away… She then proceeded to tell me that they weren’t going to just drop me off and leave. And I laughed and told her that I thought that would be best. She said I’m not going to want them to leave when the time comes. I said that may be true, but they should leave anyway.

Moral: I don’t think my parents want to leave me at college in a few weeks.


...Floating Thoughts...: Lately..


I’ve been thinking of this guy that I could’ve had something with. I mean, we didn’t talk for very long and we certainly don’t talk now, but I can’t help but wonder what would have happened if I hadn’t shied away… I mean, he was sweet and a little nerdy and he thought I was cute. But… Yea. And now…

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